What all documents should you have at the time of possession?

January 20, 2015
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1. All original chain of agreements form part of the title documents and must be obtained by the buyer. 2. Do remember to obtain the original registration receipts and the original stamp duty receipts. 3. A letter of possession duly witnessed by two witnesses confirming the physical handover of the premises. 4. In case of a Society, the original share certificate together with all transfer forms duly executed. 5. Proof of payment of all dues such as maintenance, electricity, phone, water, property taxes upto the date of handing over possession. 6. A limited power of attorney from the Seller(s) authorizing the buyer(s) to sign all documents and applications etc. pertaining to the said premises. 7. An NOC from the Society or other body confirming that they have no objection to the transfer.


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