5 Kitchen Design Trends for Modern House Plans

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Just a few years ago, the “in” kitchen looked almost industrial, with plenty of stainless steel surfaces. Next came the “trophy kitchen,” built to accommodate parties while the real work was done in a separate kitchen. Both of these trends have gone by the wayside for 2013. This year, the kitchen has regained its title as the inviting area in the home where guests naturally gather.

However, the modern style is still the most popular approach for today’s kitchen. Many of the design elements that one finds in modern house plans—plenty of natural light, clean lines, neutral colors, and storage to minimize clutter—are also enjoying popularity in kitchen design. With that tilt toward contemporary design in mind, we offer the five following kitchen trends for 2013 and beyond:

1. Neutral Tones.
Modern home plans feature neutral paint tones, including white, beige, brown, and gray. The contemporary kitchen tends to follow the same clean, simple color scheme. Gray or white cabinets and subtly toned walls reign supreme, with a pop of accent color here and there to create focal points. Gray is an especially popular shade for 2013—think multiple shades and textures of gray, such as rough driftwood paired with a glossy thundercloud color.

2. Open Shelving.
Convenience is still king in kitchen design, and the easy accessibility of open shelving is perfect for use in all kinds of situations—socializing, entertaining, family cooking, even gourmet expeditions into complicated recipes. If you don’t like the cluttered look, opt to store matching dishes. For an especially modern look in your home planning, install floating shelves.

3. Use of Glass.
Glass tiles add sparkle even in kitchens with small footprints. And glass cabinet doors tend to brighten any space. Open-from-the-bottom cabinets with glass fronts work especially well in higher areas—and they add a modern touch as well. Frosted glass is a perfect option for those who don’t wish to display their cabinet contents.

4. Linear Design.
Modern designers play with the geometric aspects of design. In the kitchen, this could look like a grid of exposed wood beams. Or a designer could choose to add horizontal flair to a home plan by incorporating subtly striped materials in flat, rectangular shapes.

5. Dramatic Surfaces.
The desire for stunning surfaces (counters, tabletops, etc.) still runs strong among today’s homeowners. But convenience vies for prioritization. Certain materials, such as quartz, offer homeowners the best of both worlds. Quartz counters are easy to care for and easy on the eyes. Other materials that fall into this category: Caesarstone and Silestone.
Ultimately, the kitchen should be a room that makes homeowners feel comfortable, calm, and happy. The above design elements can work together to create a kitchen where guests and family members naturally linger, enjoying their gorgeous surroundings. 

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