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  • Salient features: Our Goan sea  coastsare generally classified as CRZ111 zone.
  • In CRZ III zone .
  • (i)The area up to 200 meters from the High Tide Line  is to be earmarked as ‘No Development Zone’. [No construction shall be permitted within this zone except for repairs of existing authorized structures not exceeding existing FSI, existing density, and for permissible activities under the notification including facilities essential for such activities. However, the following uses may be permissible in this zone-agriculture, horticulture, gardens, pastures, parks, play fields, forestry and salt manufacture from sea water.
  • (ii) Development of vacant plots between 200 and 500 meters of High Tide Line in designated areas of CRZ-III with prior approval of Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF) permitted for construction of hotels/beach resorts for temporary occupancy of tourists/visitors.
  • (iii) Construction/reconstruction of dwelling units between 200 and 500 meters of the High Tide Line permitted so long it is within the ambit of traditional rights and customary uses such as existing fishing villages and goathans. Building permission for such construction/reconstruction will be subject to the conditions that the total number of dwelling units shall not be more than twice the number of existing units; total covered area on all floors shall not exceed 9 meters and construction shall not be more than 2 floors (ground floor plus one floor).
  • *[Construction is allowed for permissible activities under the notification including facilities essential for such activities. An authority designated by State Government/Union Territory Administration may permit construction of public rain shelters, community toilets, water supply, drainage, sewage,roads and bridges. The said authority may also permit construction of schools and dispensaries, for local inhabitants of the area, for those panchayats the major part of which falls within CRZ if no other
  • area is available for construction of such facilities].
  • (iv) Reconstruction/alterations of an existing authorized building permitted subject to (i) to (iii) above.
  •  Guidelines for Development of Beach Resorts/Hotels in the Designated areas of CRZ-III forTemporary Occupation of Tourist/Visitors, with Prior approval of the Ministry of Environment& Forests
  • Construction of beach resorts/hotels with prior approval of MEF in the designated areas of CRZIIIfor temporary occupation of tourists/visitors shall be subject to the following conditions:
  • 1.The project proponents shall not undertake any construction within 200 meters in the land ward side from the High Tide Line and within the area between the Low Tide and High Tide Lines;
  • 2. live fencing and barbed wire fencing with vegetative cover may be allowed around private properties subject to the condition that such fencing shall in no way hamper public access to
  • the beach;
  • 3. no flattening of sand dunes shall be carried out;
  • 4. no permanent structures for sports facilities shall be permitted except construction of goal posts, net posts and lamp posts;
  • 5. construction of basement may be allowed subject to the condition that no objection certificate is obtained from the State Ground Water Authority to the effect that such construction will not adversely affect free flow of ground water in that area. The State Ground Water Authority shall takeinto consideration the guidelines issued by the Central Government before granting such no objection certificate.
  • Coastal Regulations as regards rivers, backwaters etc:
  • Note: The distance from the High Tide Line shall apply to both sides in the case of rivers, creeks and back waters and may be modified on a case basis for reasons to be recorded while preparing the Coastal Zone Management Plans. However, this distance shall not be less than [100] meters or the width of the creek, river or backwater whichever is less. The distance up to which development along rivers, creeks and backwaters is to be regulated shall be governed by the distance up to which the tidal effect of sea is
  • experienced in rivers, creeks or backwaters, as the case may be, and should be clearly identified in the Coastal Zone Management Plans.

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