Building a Home with Lasting Value

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You know what’s popular now, all the latest in housing trends and technology. But will those trends keep your home’s value up over the long term? If you’re working on a custom home design, here are some of the things you can safely skip as well as a few features will that ensure your home is just as valuable in 20 year as it is today.

What Not to Do

Green Upgrades

You’re probably thinking that’s crazy, right? Who wouldn’t want the latest and greatest in energy-saving, environmentally-friendly technology? The problem with green upgrades – from home automation technology to green roofing – is that the technology is evolving quickly. The home automation system that you install today might be completely obsolete in just a decade or two. Make these kinds of improvements because you want them, not because you expect them to add permanent value to your home.

Formal Rooms

The parlor went the way of the dinosaur decades ago, and dining rooms and other formal entertaining spaces are headed in the same direction. More and more, families spend their time gathered around the kitchen island or relaxing in the great room. Even among those who love to entertain, most find that they prefer hosting their events outdoors or in a larger combined kitchen, living and dining area.

Wasted Space

In many older homes, you’ll find unfinished attics and basements. In other words, spaces that you pay to heat and maintain, but aren’t particularly useful for much beyond a few storage boxes. Keep your home’s value up by making sure your design makes smart use of its interior space. The homebuyers of the future won’t want to heat and cool rooms that they aren’t enjoying every day.

The Good Stuff

  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Everyone wants a space to relax, enjoy the view or host a garden party. The trend of outdoor living spaces has been growing for years, and it will only become more popular as people seek out ways to connect with their surroundings.
  • Storage: As people transform their attics and basements into living spaces, they’re looking for other, more useful storage options. This means walk-in closets, large pantries and other storage solutions will only increase your home’s value.
  • Beautiful Exterior Designs: Boxy and bland is out. Homeowners once placed more emphasis on the interior design over the exterior style. Now, buyers want it all – beautiful interiors and exterior designs filled with interest.
  • The Right Building Materials: Sure, that clay tile roof might look nice. But it may fill future buyers with trepidation. How much will it cost to repair or replace? How will it hold up to snow, ice or hail? For long-term value, choose building materials that blend good looks with more practical concerns like energy efficiency, durability and lower replacement costs.

Nothing says that you absolutely must avoid fads or outdated spaces at all costs. However, keep in mind that some of these elements may not add much to the home’s value over time. As long as you know which amenities the buyers of the future want, you’ll know what to expect should you ever decide to sell.

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