Glamorous bathrooms

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From being merely a functional room, the modern bathroom with its expensive fittings has turned into the showpiece of the house. People today want bathroom to be bold, beautiful and especially comfortable. Time when bathrooms were shabby and in a dilapidated state are over, instead they are now a centre of attraction of any beautiful house.The size of a bathroom is growing rapidly these days and these are gearing for relaxation as well as efficiency. Steam shower, sauna, grooming and dressing area and even exercise equipment are option in these modern era bathrooms. As with contemporary kitchen design there is a mixing of material and style in today’s bathroom. An emphasis on artificial lighting and appreciation of natural light express in the use of windows, sky lights and glass blocks among others.

What modern bathrooms boast of:

The main axes of bathroom styles are traditional and contemporary. Beyond that you may also consider themes like period, regional , country, romantic and European look. These days modern designers are playing with traditional look and modern fixture like stream shower and bath panel. You may use period look for master of the house and regional look for aged ones.

A big style can be created by choosing material for counter top, floor coverings , wall cladding and ceiling treatment. As far as counter tops are concerned granite is most common choice in India. A classy look can be generated by using cat’s eye granite and galaxy will give a modern look. A new and modern look can be established by using synthetic counter top in any unusual shape. Glass mosaics can also be used for a splashy look.Flooring choices are increasing. Besides the time tested marble flooring, a lot of tiles are available for flooring. Wood and carpet can be used specially in areas away from direct splash zones. Borders are now changed from horizontal to vertical. Patterns of white and off white tiles are for giving a vibrant as well as modern look.

The choice of sink, tub and shower does a lot to determine how your bathroom will be used. Sink designs have become widely varied in the last few years. You will see bath pedestal and wall hang sinks, in a rainbow of colours and finishes and in classic, and contemporary styles. Faucets and fittings also come in many new shapes and finishes.Tubs are another focal point — a symbol of luxury. Tubs or the shower units save space but if the room is available.

When planning a shower we must remember to think about ventilation, lighting and privacy. A good lighting plan provides shadow less, glare free illumination for the entire bath as well as bright and uniform light for specific task. Opening light fixture can also create dramatic visual effect. Daylight enters a bathroom through windows, skylights, doors or all three. When a bathroom faces a street, it may be best to use glass block, translucent glazing and decorative glass like stain or sandblasted. It can provide a decorative flair while maintaining a reserved exterior.

More and more people are installing shower temples and enclosures, the advantage of these installations is that they seclude the wet area of the bathroom.The rest of the bathroom remains dry,thereby reducing the danger of slipping, an important concern with aged parents.Hygienic is another important area of concern. Nowadays seat covers are used for water closets (WCs) that are chemically treated to make them antimicrobial . High-end bathtubs today have a feature where after you have taken the bath, the jets fitted in the tub emit hot air. This air both dries the bathtub and kills off the bacteria .

With water shortages becoming the norm,more and more people are installing dual flush WCs that use three litres of water for the first call,and six for the second. If with a normal WC a bathroom used by a family of four consumes 75 litres a day, with a dual flush WC you consume only 50 litres. Easy to maintain: Especially in the case of coloured basins and WCs, the surface is nowadays treated with chemicals so that the water bubbles off, keeping the sanitaryware stain-free . In sanitaryware the finish is getting better with more colours. Technology is pervading all walks of our lives, and the bathroom couldn’t possibly have remained untouched. Today you have taps fitted with electronic sensors, where the water runs automatically as soon as you place your hands below the faucet. Some high-end foreign brands even have thermostats fitted within them that allow you to set the water temperature to your liking. You have showers that emit water copiously, so that the experience for the person taking a bath is akin to standing in a heavy downpour.You also have showers that throw very minute drops of water, creating a refreshing, mist-like effect.

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