How to Clean Stains on Leather Furniture

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Leather furniture is easy to clean and maintain.Sometimes getting a stain on finished leather can mean the end of having Leather furniture. Remember to use caution when cleaning leather because cleaning it can dramatically change the colour of the leather. Here are the best tricks for cleaning these stains while keeping the same or similar look on the leather.

Test on a Small Spot
Before using this method, remember to test your cleaner on a small, discrete area of the leather surface before cleaning the entire piece. It’s important to note that when cleaning leather, be sure to avoid using products such as mink oil, shoe polish, waxes, use harsh chemicals, alcohol, strong detergents or abrasive cleaners because these items can unintentionally change the look of the leather.

Things Needed to Clean Leather
For this task, you will need a gentle moisturizing soap,3-4 soft cleaning cloths and leather conditioner

Rub Soap on the Leather
Start by placing a small amount of a gentle, moisturizing soap on a damp cloth, and rub the soap on the cloth until the soap is brought to a light lather. Using a very light and gentle touch, rub the lathered area of the damp cloth on the stained area without pressing too much water onto the leather.

Wipe Away the Soap
Using a fresh damp cloth, wipe away the lather. After wiping away all of the lather, do not rinse the leather with water. Instead, use a clean dry cloth to polish the area that was recently treated with soap.

Treat the Leather with Conditioner
Once the leather is completely dry, use a clean dry cloth and a bottle of leather conditioner to treat the leather. Treat the entire surface for best results.

While leather furniture is expensive, but the investment pays off as it can easily last a lifetime with just a little everyday care.

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