How to Maintain your Kitchen

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“The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history.”  – Debi Mazar

 If kitchen is the heart of every home, it must be taken care of. Like the heart supplies blood to the entire body, kitchen is where the food comes from.

 Following are some tips on maintaining a kitchen.


1. Cleaning the floors

 Keep the floors clean and dry. Kitchen floors are prone to getting water spilled, which can cause dirty floor or even accidents. Make it a habit to clean the floors regularly. Keep a separate mop just for the kitchen.

 2. Keep the dustbin clean

 An unsanitary dustbin is a home to millions of disease causing bacteria. Which can spread to other places in the house through insects and ants. Clean and sanitize your dustbin at least once a week. Use Detol with hot water. Avoiding cleaning the dustbin can cause foul odour and attract insects and flies.

 3. Cleaning marble surfaces like marble counter-tops

 Marble is prone to marking and etching because of its calcium carbonate make-up. It easily reacts with acids and corrodes, so don’t use acid products to clean marble. Rather use non-abrasive dish soap and a clean soft cloth.

 4. Cleaning induction cook-tops and stoves

Induction cook-tops are great. They’re hassle free, efficient, and they look good. No flame, no gas cylinders, easy to use. To clean the surface, use warm water with a little soap and clean with a soft, clean cloth or sponge till it’s clean. Use a scraper if there is grease or dust build-up. Then wipe the water away with a clean, dry cloth.

 5. Cleaning stainless steel surfaces

 You can use vinegar and oil to clean any stainless steel surface. Put the vinegar in a spray bottle. Determine the direction of the grain. Grain are small lines that run throughout the surface. Then spray the vinegar on the surface and use a soft cloth to clean it. Make cleaning movement along the direction of the grain. Then use a little oil to polish the surface. It’ll remove the marks and make it look shiny and new.

 6. No sponges for dishes

 Avoid sponges for dish-washing. They carry more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Use scrubbers instead. And make it a habit to clean them with hot water after every use.

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