How to repair wood rot

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Wood rot is caused by fungi. They are tiny plants that grow in moisture, so moisture exposure is the root cause of wood decay. Once they decay starts, it’s either expensive repairs or replacement of the infected parts. So it pays to take proper preventions to avoid wood decay.


Following are some simple tips on preventing wood decay. These will help keep your wooden doors and widows last for several decades.

 1. Coat it on all sides

 The best way to prevent widows and doors from rotting is to keep the wood dry. You can do that by coating it with primer or paint. It’s important to paint all sides. By all I mean front, back, the sides, top and bottom. Cover everything and don’t leave spots. A coat of primer or paint prevents water from coming in contact with wooden surface.

 2. Let it breath

 Even with coating, with time, the surface can develop cracks, leaving wood vulnerable to moisture. In such cases, proper airflow helps dry the water properly and prevents fungi. So when designing the doors, leave some gap between horizontal surfaces. The surface must not come in contact with the ground.

 3. Use good quality, decay resistant wood

 Some woods are better at resisting decay and insects. Teak is a good choice. These are more expensive then normal wood, but they last longer.

 4. Use stainless steel nails

 If you use ordinary nails, they can rust when exposed to moisture and make the wood vulnerable to moisture. Use galvanized, stainless steel nails and screws to prevent this. Also, Use plugs. Plugs prevent gaps.

 5. Check for cracks and gaps

 Paint coat prevents water from coming in contact with the wooden surface and hence from rotting, but, with time, cracks can develop in the paint, allowing water to enter. To prevent this, inspect for cracks in the paint. If you do find them, paint over the area.

  Repairing wood rot

 Once the wood starts to rot, it can spread quickly to other parts and destroy the structure. While extreme damage cannot be repaired and you’ll have to replace the item, minor rots can be fixed. Here is an article on on repairing wood decay

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