Keeping your Homes safe

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A person should always feel safe when inside the walls of his house. But with rising number of crimes in the state, burglaries and thefts making it every day in the newspapers, it’s become crucial to have the knowledge of home safety and security precautions.

 Following are some home safety and security tips that will help you keep your home safe.

 1. Install a home security alarm system

 This is the best way to prevent burglaries and break-ins. While it is possible that the intruder might be able to break in despite the security system, it makes it very difficult for them to succeed. Burglars prefer houses without security alarms. They are low risk.

 Considering the rise in the number of crimes a security system is a wise investment.

Install a system that covers all entrances including windows and back doors. Motion sensors work best.

 Tip: If you can’t afford a security system, at least put up a “Protected by Electronic Alarm System” sign on your entrance where it’s easily visible.

 2. Start a Neighbourhood Watch group

 With the help of your neighbours you can start a Neighbourhood Watch. These groups help keep the neighbourhood safe. A member’s job is to keep an eye on suspicious activities and report them. You can organise group patrols. These groups are popular in America and are a great success.

 3. Car keys close to your bed

 Keep the car keys close to your bed at night so in case you find or here someone trying to break in, you can press the panic button. This will scare away the intruders.

 4. Ask a neighbour to hold your newspapers and magazines.

 When you are about to go away for long, don’t ask the newspapermen to hold your copies, rather let him deliver like usual and ask your neighbour to hold them for you. Burglars look for clues whether the house-owners are away. Staked pile of newspaper is an indicator, but also is paused delivery.

 5. Don’t make it too easy for anyone to enter your house

 Don’t leave the windows and doors open unguarded. If tree branches growing near the house allow access to your roof, get them chopped off. Buy strong latches and locks. 

 6. Hire only a professional locksmith

 Hire a locksmith with a business licence. Locksmiths have access to your keys. Keep that in mind.

 7. Never expose yourself completely to strangers on the door

 If a stranger is on the door, only open the door wide enough so that they can’t forcibly enter or attack you. Install a chain latch. If someone claims to be from some sort of government office and requests you to let them enter in, ask for an ID. Don’t let them enter without an ID. If that ID doesn’t look convincing enough to you, don’t let them in. If they seem suspicious, threaten to call the police. 

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