2 bhk Flat for sale at Santa Cruz,Panjim-Goa

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santa Cruz
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about Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz or Calaphur is a village-suburb of the Goan state capital of Panaji.It is a small beautiful village that has a lot of greenery situated in north Goa in the Tiswadi taluka.
The village of Santa Cruz has a beautiful church from which the present name is derived known as the church of the Holy Cross. The name Santa Cruz is derived from two words Santa which means holy and Cruz that means Cross.The villagers also celebrate the harvest festival with great pomp.There are many schools in the village and the village is also very famous for sports and culture.

Santa Cruz is the largest village in Goa with a population of 21,000 people all from different religions. Geographically, it is situated in the North Goa district and it is bounded northwards with Panjim, the capital city of the state of Goa, its other neighbours being the Merces village i, Bambolim, Taleigao , Dona paula. This village is sub-divided into 11 wards, each of which has its own individuality within the village.Here one can also see a lot of mansions.

Santa Cruz has several places of interest, Almacho Khuris (Souls Cross), Saint Anthony's Chappel, Char Khabbe (Four Pillars) and its disappearing Salt pans (Mithagar or Mithache agor) form a part of the reclaimed waterlogged khazan lands, which are also utilised for aquaculture, pisciculture and agriculture.

The four pillars, popularly known as Char Khambe are half way on the old road from Santa Cruz to Panaji. Physically, the site acts as a buffer between the hectic urban environment of Panaji and the serene village environs of Santa Cruz. The place, a part of the unique Goan landscape, is very fragile and irreplaceable in nature. The marshy wetland is a host to mangrove vegetation which plays a definite role in the maintenance of vital ecological balance. The place is also a popular habitat to a wide variety of local and migratory birds and is a bird-watcher's delight. It is quite common to find researchers and bird lovers from distant countries here, with their cameras trained. This place finds mention on the Internet along with the Karmali lake, Chorao, Mayem lake and others in Goa.

New integrated schools and college complex, Goa medical college & hospital, Lusifonia games venue, Kendriya Vidhyalia army school, The Grand hyatt, bambolim beach, donapaula etc all are within 2 kms from this village. All basic amenities like Markets, shopping, hospitals, schools, are all in the neighboorhood.

Recommended For: family, single-professionals, students


37 Lacs For Buy
  • : santa Cruz
  • : Apartment
  • : 925 Sq Ft / 86 Sq Mt

  • Property Description

  • 2 BHK spacious Flat for sale at Santa Cruz ,Panjim Goa with area 86 sqmts,8 years old ¬†very close to market, GMC. Schools¬†in a very cool locality

  • Additional Details

  • : Freehold
  • : 8 years
  • : Semi Furnished
Posted By
Sanjay Naik

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