Commercial Plot for sale in Margao-Goa

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About Margao

Margao is the second largest city by population, and the commercial and cultural capital of the of Goa. It is the administrative headquarters of Salcete taluka and South Goa district. By road, Margão is located approximately 33 kilometres from the capital Panjim, and 27 kilometres from Vasco da Gama.


Nestled on the banks of the River Sal, Margao is amongst the oldest recorded towns in Goa.Portuguese style mansions dot its landscape. One of the fastest growing cities in Goa, its fast growing suburbs include Aquem, Fatorda, Gogol, Borda, Comba, Navelim and Davorlim.


Margao's importance as an administrative and commercial area grew with the increasing dependence of the surrounding towns and villages; leading to the administrative centre with the town hall at its centre being built in the south. The commercial market became attached to it and was hence called maud-gao or the market town of Goa, and since then the city has grown towards the east.In 1961, Goa was incorporated into the Indian Union, and Margao was declared as the administrative center of the district of South Goa


Margao hosts many schools and colleges.The city also has many sights and destinations.There are a number of churches and temples in Margao, since the population is predominantly Roman Catholic with a significant Hindu and a very small Muslim minority. The famous churches in Margao are the Holy Spirit Church, the Grace Church, The St Sebastian Church in Aquem (The Old St. Sebastian Chapel, popularly known as the Pandava Copel still stands next to the modern St. Sebastian Church) and the Monte Hill Chapel, the famous temples are the 'Damodar Temple' (Saal), the 'Hari Mandir', the 'Maruti Mandir' at Davorlim the 'Saibaba Temple' at Davorlim, the 'Shiv Temple' (Ling) at Fatorda near Nehru Stadium (which is the original Temple of Damudora). There are 2 mosques in Margao, One in the Malbhat area and one on the Monte hill. Presently, since 2004, there are twenty-four new mosques in Margao. There is also a Jain temple at Pajifond.


The Famous Marjorda beach, colva beach, Benualim beach, Cavelossim beach are just within 10 kms from Margao city.It is also famous for Its Stadium namely the Nehru Stadium.


Konkani is the most widely spoken language in Margao. English and Hindi are also spoken and understood by the city's population


The nearest airport to Margao is Dabolim Airport which is 23 km away from it.Margao Railway Station is Goa's biggest and most important as it is a railway junction positioned at the intersection of the Konkan Railway and the South Western Railway


Margao is connected by road  the National Highway  (NH17) which runs through margao. Also, there is road which connects Margao to Ponda and other towns of Goa state.


Recommended For: family, single-professionals, retirees, students, couples, all


3.2 Crore For Buy
  • : Margao
  • : Plot-Land
  • : 8,070 Sq Ft / 750 Sq Mt

  • Property Description

  • Commercial Plot for sale in Margao-Goa with area 750 sqmts on a very good location

  • Additional Details

  • : Freehold
Posted By
Shyam Rao

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