Propogating a healthy garden

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A garden at home is not easy to maintain. you may have observed that all gardens do not grow well.

Is your neighbour’s garden attractive? Does your garden looks unhealthy? Well! We have a solution to make your garden not only look attractive but also healthy.


To begin, you will want a sunny spot with good drainage and lots of grasses and weeds. Prevent gardening in areas which contain chemicals because they make the produce hazardous and by accidentally swallowing or breathing in soil particles can be dangerous to one’s health. The only way to know for sure that your soil contains high levels of chemicals is by testing the soil through a certified laboratory. Pick a garden space away from roads, highways and especially old buildings that show chances of depositing lead paint chips and dust. Its better to avoid planting in such areas, if possible.


Consider growing vegetables in raised beds with clean soil [ At least 10 inches deep ]. Mulch the soil. Mulching maintains soil moisture and controls weeds. It also reduces soil splash on vegetables during rain or watering, which can reduce your exposure to chemicals in soil. Organic manure such as dead plant and animal waste, kitchen waste etc, enrich the soil.


Garden plants live their lives exposed to the elements, so it should follow that the environmental factors to play a key role in their development. The main elements are water, air and sunlight. Watering should be done from time to time, in the same way enriching the soil from time to time is also beneficial.

 So, if all the required elements are available and some of the operations are done time to time, then your garden will produce a good yield, become healthy and look attractive.

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