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Classic wardrobes are in fashion no matter what the current trends are. In order to build a classic wardrobe, you need to stock up on timeless pieces in flattering fits, shapes, and colours. You can build on these basics by layering them with modern, trendy garments, or you can mix-and-match them with other timeless classics.

  •  Classic style staples are versatile pieces that can be layered, mixed, and matched in order to create an abundance of clean, timeless looks.
  •  Purchase a few colourful knit tops. Choose colours that work well with your skin tone.
  •  Pick out a little black dress. A good little black dress can be dressed up for semi-formal occasions or dressed down for a night on the town. For best results, look for a dress in a classic cut.
  • Purchase Capri pants for the warmer weather. Choose a length and cut—loose or fitted—that flatters your legs.
  •  Stock up on neutral colours like black, grey, tan, dark brown, white, and cream because neutral colours are the most versatile.
  • Select basic gold and silver chains. Own a mix of both metals.
  • Look for classic stones like diamonds and pearls.
  • Invest in a watch. Look for one with a metal or leather band, but avoid plastic.
  • Keep at least one nice tennis bracelet.
  • Own a pair of high-heeled pumps. Black pumps are considered the most classic, but other neutrals may also work.
  • Purchase a pair of simple white sneakers


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