6 Secrets to make a Perfect Bed

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Your bedroom is the most private room in the house, and it should be the most personal. Your bed should feel like the ultimate sanctuary and make you happy every time you get into it.

1: Get the right pillows like a pair of beautiful goose down pillows. Goose down pillows will look plump and make your bed look welcoming no matter whether you lay them flat or prop them against the headboard.

2: Instead of cotton sheets and pillow cases, put linen on your bed. “What I love about linen is you can stand at the end of the bed and with both hands go ‘flick,” and it looks beautiful and wrinkles up. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth or perfect at all, because linen already is perfect. Linens looks good even when mussed. Housekeeping has very strict rules. The bed sheets must be ironed. On each bed: a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, a quilted bedspread, and two pillows are added.

3: Ditch the fitted sheet and instead tuck in a flat sheet around the mattress. Mattresses are all different depths. Fitted sheets never fit properly and they never look good. Instead, use a big flat sheet—if necessary, buy one that’s a size larger than your mattress—and tuck it tightly around the mattress.

4: You don’t need a top sheet. Instead, stuff a comforter inside a duvet cover (preferably a linen one) and let the cover do the job of a sheet. The only function of a top sheet, if you have a duvet, is to wrap itself around your legs while you sleep and to become untucked.

5: Buy the right size comforter insert to stuff inside the duvet cover. “The silly thing is there isn’t a standard for the sizes of duvet infills, so you can’t just buy ‘queen’ or ‘king’ and be done with it.

6: Buy non-slip casters and place them under the feet of your bed to keep it from moving. Then you can lean against the headboard and read without fearing you will slide all over the room.

This is all I have to do to make my bed look good and comfortable.

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