Drain Maintenance

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A clogged drain can be messy and frustrating. It can also disrupt your kitchen routine. The best way to maintain your drain is to be careful about what you put into it. While a kiwi drain cleaner will, most of the times, solve the problem, it’s better to just prevent such inconvenience. You don’t want it to cause bad odours and embarrass yourself in front of your guests.

 You can prevent clogs by regularly cleaning and maintaining the drain. Following is a short guide on how to maintain drains.

Avoid pouring fats and oil

Cooking grease, oil, and fats, if poured down the drain, accumulate over time and cause clogs in the drain, blocking the water from flowing properly. Even a little is not okay, over time it adds up forms a big mass that blocks the pipes. Don’t pour oil and grease into the kitchen drain, and if you accidentally do, pour boiling water over it. It’s better to throw these kind of things in garbage rather than sinks.

 Removing odours

 To remove odours coming from the drain, pour half a glass of vinegar down the drain. Then after 20 minutes pour hot water over it. This will get rid of the odours and also clean the drain.

 If the odour is too sharp, try this method. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water into a bowl (A cup of each).  Add 2 tablespoons of coffee in it. Heat it like you would normally do when preparing coffee. Pour a couple of litres of hot water into the drain. Then pour the solution into it. After about 10 minutes, pour water to finish the process. 

 Removing clogs

Clogs can build up in pipes and block the flow of water. But before pouring down drain cleaner in your drain, try the following methods.

Use a plunger: Plungers force abrupt movement, causing anything that’s blocking the way to force out of the way. Although if the clogs don’t clear after tying for some time with a plunger, stop and move on to the next method. Pressure from the force created by the plunger can damage the pipes.

Anyway, you must own a plunger. They come in handy when the clogs are not stubborn. And they work quickly. 

 Baking soda and vinegar: This trick is getting popular on the internet. Mixture of vinegar and baking soda is know to be very effective in removing clogs.


1. Pour some boiling water down the drain.

2. Then put half a cup of baking soda in it.
3.After 10 minutes, put a mixture of hot water and vinegar into the drain.

4. After another 10 minutes pour a pot of boiling water and you’re done.

This method is very effective and works quickly.

 If nothing else works, it’s time to call the plumber. The problem may be a major one.

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