How to Choose the Perfect Windows

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Balancing Light and Privacy

Windows let the light in, but they can also let your neighbors get a great view of your home’s interior. For secluded areas or areas with a gorgeous view, large, unobstructed windows are a wonderful option.

In less private areas, however, it’s a little more difficult to get that outdoor connection while maintaining a sense of privacy. In some instances, you can place larger windows to the rear of the home. In other areas, you’ll need to choose windows that give you the best blend of sunlight and privacy.

Single and double-hung windows or windows with transoms are the perfect way to balance these needs. With either of these window styles, you can hang curtains over the lower portion of the window and leave the top portion open to let in all the natural light you need.

Ventilation Where You Need It

Ventilation is another key factor. If fresh air is important to you, then you’ll need to remember that not all window styles open, and among window styles that do open, not all ventilate your home equally.

For example, awning windows don’t allow for as much airflow as double or single-hung windows because the window itself blocks some of the breeze. During the rainy seasons, however, that disadvantage turns into an advantage because while the window blocks some airflow, it also helps keeps rainwater outside.

If you want to maximize airflow, casement windows are one of the best choices. Because these windows open by swinging out to the side rather than sliding up or down, they give you the ability to open the entire window instead of just the top or bottom sections.

Windows as an Interior Focal Point

When it comes to interior focal points, people tend to think of fine furniture or artwork. However, a well-placed window has a more striking effect than any piece of furniture. Start by choosing a landscape feature – a garden, a great view or something else – and then choose a window style that frames it perfectly. Picture windows and bay windows are two decorative window choices that allow for lots of light and a wonderful view of the outdoors.

Few design elements are as important as a home’s windows. To choose windows that fulfill all of your needs, balance each of these three considerations carefully. The perfect window will not only look amazing from both the inside and outside, but also give you the light, privacy and ventilation you need.


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