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How to take care of your furniture


Well chosen furniture enhances the appearance of the house. There is nothing that makes a home owner happier than a shiny expensive furniture that makes your house look so great that you don’t want to leave it, but if you have pets, kids, or a childish spouse, you’ll need to learn a few things about furniture care.


Following are a few useful tips on taking care of furniture. They will help you make your furniture last longer.

1.Use a cloth damp in warm water and dish soap to clean furniture. Don’t use too much water though, and when you are done wipe it with a dry cloth.


2. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Over time it can lead to faded finishing and even cracks in the wood. This goes for other heat sources like heaters and fire places. That is why wooden furniture is not recommended as outdoor furniture.


3.You can cover up cracks and scratches with shoe polish of a matching colour. You can also use a marker for scratches.


4. If you spill something on a wooden surface, clean it up immediately. If left unattended these marks may turn into stains and white spots. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove stains from wood. Following are some simple ones.


Put some toothpaste (White, not gel) on a piece of cloth. Rub in on the stains until it heats, but don’t rub it too hard as to wear the finishing. Wipe it with damp cloth. Then wipe off the water with a dry cloth. If the stain is fading, repeat the process again.


Dry it with a hair dryer. Put the dryer on the highest settings and blow over the surface as long as it takes.


Here is another tip from – Place a cotton cloth directly over the stain and with a dry iron (NO STEAM!) press down for several seconds on the cloth. Remove and check the stain. Keep doing until the watermarks are completely gone. It could take a minute or two to get the stain out completely.


5. Aluminium is the best choice for outdoor furniture. It’s strong, it doesn’t rust, and isn’t damaged by the exposure to sunlight.


6. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust regularly off fabric sofa cushions. If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, just remove the cushions and shake well or dust them with a soft brush.


7. To remove stains from glass surfaces use a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice. Vinegar helps loosen the mineral deposits from the glass. Spray the mixture on the surface and wipe it clean with a lint free cloth. 

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